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10 Face Mask N95 Particulate Respirator w/Valve Coronavirus

This Eco Solutions™ N95 particulate respirator provides reliable protection from inhaling particles such as dust, fumes, allergens, pollen, pet hair and dander, mold spores, grass clippings, flour, iron ore, and many other substances that you can't see in the air. It features an adjustable and flexible soft nose clip and two elastic fastening straps to create a secure seal for maximum protection. This particulate respirator is designed to achieve a very close facial fit for very effective protection of your airways, so you can reduce your chances of developing respiratory problems. It is suitable for garden projects, cleaning activities, renovation, demolition, sawing operations, drilling work, carpentry, grinding, working with a chainsaw, and many other activities. It is odorless, skin-friendly, and comfortable, even when wearing with spectacles or other protective equipment.

17 in 1 Painting Spray same For 6800 Full Face Gas Mask Facepiece Respirator

Full Facepiece Respirator Large lens for wide field of view Lightweight, balanced design Silicone faceseal for greater comfort and durability

3M Full Face 6800 Reusable Respirator Size Medium

  • Full Facepiece Respirator
  • Large lens for wide field of view
  • Lightweight, balanced design
  • Silicone faceseal for greater comfort and durability
  • Medium Size

6800 Full Face Gas Mask Protect Painting Spraying Anti-dust Facepiece Respirator


This Product WITHOUT any filter cartridge is suitable for home and daily only, can effectively prevent Droplets which can carry virus.(Please clear with 75% alcohol)

This Products are suit for adult, DO NOT put it on kids and baby!!!

However Anti-pesticide filter, Anti-alkaline gas ammonia filter, Anti-acid gas filter, spray painting filter and Anti-PM2.5 dustproof cotton pad are needed in Special professional occasions.

Cartridge Filter Organic Vapor Fit 3M 6800 Respirator Gas Mask 1pair/2pcs 6001cn

Product features: trapezoidal filter cartridge, activated carbon content is more, life is long, good absorption effect; Unique filtering route design, filter box of long service life; Trapezoidal design, after the center of gravity, is not easy to cause the neck fatigue.
M6200 must and 3, 7502, 6800, such as gas mask, cannot be used alone. When in use process such as the smell of poisonous gas in a timely manner, please replace the new filter box

Full Face Respirator Mask Air Breathing Chemical Gas Protection w/2 Filter PPE

The main mask and goggles integration design, antivirus prevent splash PC lens bending resistant to 360 degrees. Light and comfortable, no stimulation. The surface body can be clean, replaceable filter box. Special processing activated carbon, the protective effect is better, protective time longer.